Senior Software Engineer, Integration

Senior Software Engineer, Integration

Senior Software Engineer, Integration


The Senior Software Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining integrations with our strategic partners on both the supply and demand sides of our ad exchange. The developer should have a strong grasp of how the underlying concepts that make the internet tick and be comfortable with working on complex and robust applications in a distributed, high performance architecture

What you’ll be doing…

  • Implement strategic integrations with third parties via OpenRTB and proprietary protocols  Enhance our core native ad exchange using C#
  • Work closely with Architecture team to maintain scalability and response times
  • Help monitor and troubleshoot system performance to improve system efficiency
  • Participate in agile scrums
  • Deploy code daily

What you’ll need to get it done

  • Familiarity with the ad­tech industry including concepts like OpenRTB, Header Bidding, PMP/Deal Id, Protobuf
  • Worked with systems at scale, in the cloud and on bare­metal infrastructure, and understands their challenges
  • Experience developing in multiple languages like C#, Java, Javascript
  • Experience with ASP.Net Web API framework
  • Familiarity with JSON and RESTful APIs
  • Comfortable in both Windows and Linux server environments
  • Experience with version control (preferably git) and continuous integration
  • Clear communicator, able to work with partner tech teams and business contacts

Not required, but nice to have

  • Understanding of in­app advertising concepts like Device Id and Bundle Id
  • A working knowledge of Javascript and how to develop a framework that can be used on third­party websites