Sr. Data Engineer

Sr. Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer 

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our Engineering team. This Senior Data Engineer will work on the our client’s proprietary data platform (personalization engine) . This position is ideal for someone with strong knowledge in Big Data Systems, working with distribution and storage in multi-threaded environments.



  • Design and implement Big Data systems for batch and stream processing and fast analytics
  • Design and implement dimensional data models that scales
  • Partner with data scientists and analysts to explore structured and unstructured data to leverage business insights
  • Define and build scalable ETL workflows for reporting and analytics


  • Strong experience in Java and multiple threads/concurrency program paradigm
  • Deep understanding of crunching/SQL over very large data sets, as well as related technologies (Google BigQuery, Google cloud storage, Spark, Mapreduce-like systems)
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience with ETL tools or working on ETL processes
  • Good sense of humor

Desirable Skills

  • Experience with cloud computing: GCE or AWS technologies
  • NoSQL databases (like HBASE, Cassandra, MongoDB)
  • Infrastructure tools like fabric/Capistrano/Puppet/Chef and monitoring tools like Splunk / Nagios


  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in computer science. PhD is a plus (or equivalent industry experience)