Data Scientist

Data Scientist


The Data Scientist will be bridging the gap between data science and engineering while building our next generation of highly targeted search, bidding and matching platform. You will be a member of a small but highly talented team that has data scientists and data analysts. Our matching, categorization and user targeting services have only milliseconds to make accurate decisions using both historical and real time data. You will be enhancing and utilizing these services with scalable solutions. The ideal candidate will thrive on solving complex technical challenges involving big data and motivated by pushing the boundaries of using real time data to make automated decisions. Our team uses cutting edge software, including Akka, Apache SPARK, Kafka, NoSQL and more.


  • At least 2 years experience in Data Science and Machine Learning with a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or empirical science.
  • Experience in designing and coding optimization algorithms like Yield Optimization and Supply Chain Optimization.
  • Strong mathematical and statistical background, with thorough understanding of probability.
  • Data Analysis and manipulation skills with relational data (SQL, Spark DataFrames, pandas…etc).
  • Software engineering skills with coding experience using Java and Python. In addition to machine learning and data mining libraries (Sci-kit learn, scipy, SparkMLib)
  • Must have machine learning skills and experience in Regression, Time Series Forecasting, Classification and Stochastic processes.
  • Great communication skills, innovative and self-starter
  • Comfortable juggling multiple projects, demonstrated strong work ethic.


Desired skills (nice to have):

  • Strategy Machines and Game Theory.
  • Deep Learning and TensorFlow
  • Advanced graduate degree in Computer science, Math or Statistics.
  • An understanding of asynchronous design patterns, Akka reactive programming.
  • HPC, GPU and parallel processing
  • Big Data architectures and computation
  • AdTech industry experience.